Chanyeol and his bungee jumping adventure

flaw·less  /ˈflôlis/ adj.

-Without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect.

Synonyms: faultless - perfect - immaculate - impeccable - kris


9 wonders of Wu Yi Fan: 

1. Eating without breaking the chopsticks apart.

2. Wears his sunglasses above his ears.

3. His half-torn jeans.

4. Anything and everything can rest on his crotch. 

5. Getting into the car but his cap got stuck between the car doors.

6. Unique way to wear slippers.

7. Awesome dumpling shape.

8. Lost his luggage in the airport. 

9. Doesn’t know how to write the word ‘window’ in chinese, so he drew it out instead. 

cr. 进击的饭团-LYFan



Sehun // Daeun 

The comments above are from a brief scroll on just one of her photos, I’d hate to see what else is commented on the rest of them. And I find it embarrassing that this among other things (nOT even going to get into Tao deleting that video with yixing in bed or the yaio incident) is actually happening. So basically it’s okay for Kai to be best friends with Taemin and for Kyungsoo’s to be best friends with Hyunsik but it’s not okay for Sehun and Daeun? Is it because she’s a female? Because she opposes a threat to your one-sided obsessive love? Do you not follow your friends on Instagram? I’m sure now that you’ve bullied her and harassed sehun into unfollowing her you think he finds you all extremely attractive and endearing, right? (sarcasm hah) Don’t you think it’s degrading for her when ALL of her comments are about sehun? She’s Daeun from 2eyes, rookie idol in the works … not ‘a girl sehun knows’. And lastly don’t you think it’s burdensome for her given that she’s already in a relationship? 

I could go on and on but it won’t change anything and quite frankly this proves that we as a fandom (because sadly we are stuck with each other) are not mature enough to handle seeing a tiny tiny TINY glimpse into the boys’ personal lives without everything being blown out of proportion. He unfollowed her … to protect her from his own fans. Oh the irony. ps. girls who hate on other girls are disgusting, no offense.